Skin Care for Every Season for Healthy Skin All Year Long

Skin Care for Every Season for Healthy Skin All Year Long

As the seasons change a lot of things do. Your clothes, your makeup, possibly your hair, so shouldn’t your skincare routine change as well? The answer is yes, it absolutely should, as the changing seasons put different demands on your skin and expose it to very different problems. Not sure just what you should be doing at what time of year? Here’s a guide to great year round skincare that is applicable to anyone, no matter what their age.

In the Winter

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The winter months are the most difficult for your skin to survive. The cold weather robs your skin of a huge amount of its natural moisture, leading to dry, flaky, crack prone skin that will also show any little lines and wrinkles far more prominently. And although it’s cold the sun is still out, and sun damage from a bright winter sun can be every bit as bad as that you avoid in the summer.

Making sure that you replenish all of this lost moisture is therefore absolutely crucial. If you usually stick to a very light moisturizer you may want to consider adding a richer night cream to your daily routine during the winter to combat the increased dryness. You should also ensure that whatever moisturizer you are using, especially during the day, has SPF protection of at least 15, even if it’s been snowing for weeks in your neck of the woods.

It’s also important that you protect the very delicate skin on your lips. Choose a lip balm with SPF protection and reapply it as it fades throughout the day. Not only does this prevent painful lip chapping but what people do not always realize is that sun damage to the skin on the lips is as likely to cause skin cancer as damage to any other area of skin.

In the Fall


For your skin Fall provides a brief respite from the ravages of the two seasons that can damage it the most, summer and winter. As the weather cools this is a great time to choose a heavier moisturizer both for face and body, as increased moisture loss will already be beginning.

You also need to be a little more concerned with exfoliation. The summer will have left you with all kinds of dead skin that really should be scrubbed (gently) away and although you may be trying to hang on to your tan and therefore avoiding doing that, it’s far healthier for it in the long term.

In the Summer


Summer really is the most dangerous season for your skin, because although we all love the beautiful summer sun and spending lots of time outside in it, it is not a friend of your skin at all. Not only is there the ever present danger of skin damage that could lead to skin cancer the sun’s rays are also real wrinkle makers and even age the skin prematurely as well.

This does not have to mean that you become a summer shut-in though, just that you exercise reasonable care and caution. Do not reserve the use of sunscreen just for for when you are at the beach, it should be applied whenever you are outside, even if the most of the sun you are going to see all day is while you sit outside for lunch when at work.

As for when you are at the beach, sunscreen should be reapplied every 2- 3 hours and immediately after bathing, You should also make sure you wear a hat (there are lots of lovely ones) and protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses (dollar store sunglasses may be cute and kooky but they are not going to protect your eyes.) Limit the amount of time you spend in the direct sunlight and for your skin’s sake and your own health make sure you drink lots of water and remain hydrated. And no, beer does not count, as it actually dehydrates your body, even though when it’s going down it might seem nice and refreshing.

In terms of facial skin care you may switch to a light moisturizer. One great idea is to replace your regular one, and that too heavy for the summer foundation with a tinted moisturizer with SPF protection. Not only will that help you give your skin just the right amount of moisture but it will also give you a lovely, glowing natural summer look as well.

In the Spring


The spring is, in general, a time of renewal and rebirth so why not make that the case for skin care routine as well? Take a look at your current skin care product line up and pick some new ones out for summer. You should also choose your sunscreen wisely too though. Often the general recommendation is that any sunscreen product you use should have a minimum of SPF 15. However, if you are fair skinned that simply won’t be strong enough to protect you for more than a short time in the sun so you really should step up to SPF 25-30 products for season long use.