5 Big Skincare Myths That Need to Be Busted

5 Big Skincare Myths That Need to Be Busted


Technically skincare should be a fairly straightforward thing. But, perhaps because it is such a huge industry, it’s not and there are so many myths and misconceptions around the subject that it’s actually hard to know if you are doing the right things at all.

Many of the myths are rather harmless, simply designed to make you spend a little more at the beauty counter. Others however are actually downright harmful, and if believed could actually ruin your skin, and your looks. Here are some of the biggest that really need to be busted for good:

Tanning Beds are OK as Long as They Don’t Give Off UVB Rays

As little as five or six years ago women all over the world were happily heading to tanning salons as many as three or four times a week to bake themselves under the heat of tanning lamps because they believed that attaining that elusive but oh so desirable ‘sun kissed glow’ in this way was safer than sitting out in the sunshine. Then came a rash of research and reports that demonstrated that no, that is not the case at all.

And yet some tanning salons still maintain that their booths are safe because they filter out the so called ‘burn rays’, UVB light. However, contrary to popular belief the UVA rays that tanning booths emit are very bit as likely to cause premature skin aging, wrinkles and most worryingly, skin cancer. The simple fact is a spray tan, or an at home self tanner, are the only safe ways to get a tan and save your poor skin from all kinds of problems.

Popping Pimples Clears Them Faster

If a pimple is really bugging you, both by the way it looks and the way it feels then in a way it seems to make sense that popping it to release the pus would help get rid of it faster. However, even it feels kind of good doing so is not a good idea. When a pimple is popped some of the pus actually gets driven deeper into the skin, resulting in a pimple that lasts longer and, in many cases, will leave a scar and cause more pimples by spreading the pus under the skin.

Expensive Skincare Products are Always Best

Expensive skin care products are nice, but they are not always the best, or the most effective option available, no matter what all of those very glossy magazine ads say. In addition often the ingredients in a swanky skincare product and its drugstore counterpart are pretty much the same, you are just paying for a well known name and a fancy package. When shopping for skincare products it’s far more important to go with what works for your unique skin than being swayed by glitzy gimmicks.

Anti Aging Creams Really Do Erase Wrinkles

There are a thousand and one ‘anti aging’ creams and serums on the market these days that all come along with pretty much the same claim; that they can ‘erase’ wrinkles. But they really can’t. Photoshop is about the only truly effective wrinkle eraser out there that you can truly rely on!

That is not to say that these products are totally useless. All of them plump up the wrinkles, lessening their appearance temporarily and those that contain retinol can indeed make that effect a semi permanent one to a certain extent, but no cream is going to get rid of them all for good.

You Only Need Sunscreen in the Summer

Many people do now have themselves trained to make sure that their skin is nicely protected by sunscreen during the summer months whether they are on the beach that day or not. But once the summer’s over they put away their SPF products until the colder months are over. Mistake. Even on a cloudy, or freezing cold day the suns rays, and all of that skin unfriendly UV radiation, are streaming down from the sky, whether you can actually see it or not, so sunscreen, especially for the delicate facial skin, needs to be permanent part of your skincare routine 365 days a year.