Proper Prep for a Flawless Face

Proper Prep for a Flawless Face

Make Up Prep

There is more to getting a flawless makeup look than just choosing the right cosmetics and application tools. In order for your made up face to look its’ very best you need to start with a great canvas by preparing your skin before applying any makeup at all. What’s the very best way to go about doing this? We’ve broken the steps down for you:

Cleanse – Even if you cleanse your face well the night before (which you should have done) your morning routine should still begin with another cleansing. Oil and dirt builds up even while you sleeping and making up a dirty face is a definite no-no. Choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin, not one based on an ad and make it one that is not too harsh, as stripping your skin of all of its natural oils is a bad thing as well.

Exfoliate – Skin cells die off all the time and when they do it dulls your complexion. In terms of product you have a couple of choices, usually a gritty scrub or one of the newer liquid exfoliators. Alternately you could opt for an exfoliating cleanser, cutting at lest one step out of your morning routine.

Moisturize – Daily moisturizing is essential, even if your skin is a little on the oily side. When choosing a suitable moisturizer you will know if it is a little too heavy for your needs if it is not completely absorbed after five minutes or if it leaves your face feeling sticky. You should also make sure that whatever product you do use has built in SPF protection of at least 15, even in the middle of winter.

Prime – This final step is actually the one that many women skip but applying primer really does make a difference. Primer for the face is just like primer for a blank wall ready to be painted (well, not exactly the same) in that it provides a great base to stop your makeup slipping, sliding and fading throughout the day.


Most women find it most effective to use both a primer for their face in general and a separate product for the very sensitive skin of the eye area. There are a number of very good product options available. Some are colorless, others have a slight hint of very subtle color. A primer is not designed to replace foundation though, but to enhance it.

All of this might sound like a lot of extra work, something you might not want to have to deal with first thing in the morning. However we promise, if you do make the effort you really will notice the difference, both in the overall health of your skin and the effectiveness and appearance of your makeup.